Oh, Astoria… won’t you feed me?

{April 10, 2009}   Well, hello there.

Mmm! That’s how I say hello. Because I’m always thinking of food and wishing I could have something super savory or sweet right at this very moment, especially living in Astoria. The availability of so much quality diverse food in this part of NYC is phenomenal and can easily put a whole in your wallet (and my once beloved pair of skinny jeans).

Being raised by parents of different cultural backgrounds that both held great joy in cooking has certainly also served a foundation for my interest in the culinary world. Ghormeh sabzi or dinuguan? Faludeh Shirazi or Halo-Halo? Jujeh kabob or chicken adobo? Growing up, those are the kind of decisions I had to make… because that’s right, I am Iranian and Filipino. I’m a little Iranian and Filipino lady who loves navigating the kitchen and is always craving to explore everything the world has to offer my taste buds. 

This is my attempt to document where that love brings me when the cravings kick. And what better place to be in than Astoria when they do?

So, it starts. (Just like The Lion King game opening on Sega. Remember this?)



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